Norwegian Forest Cats


S*Aristo Limaz Ildivo Blanc
Born: 17-05-2010

Sire: IC S*Aristo Limaz Azlan Fuego

Dam: S*Zimexis Izzy Muffet

EMS: NFO n 03 24

Title: -

GSD IV: Homozygous Normal N/N

Fiv/Felv: Negative
HCM:Normal scanned 29-04-2011/24-06-2013/18-04-2016
PKD/CIN: Negative scanned 29-04-2011

PK Def.: N/N

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When I saw Ildivo for the first time at the homepage of Aristo Limaz I fell in love with him.

With his strong body, beautiful head, straight profile, beautiful earsetting with xxl-tufts and most of all a fantastic coatquality, and his SUPER character he has something special and stole our hearts. It’s like a dream that came true.

Thank you Ingrid for entrusting this beautiful and fantastic boy to us!!!!

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S*Silent Hill’s Hanzo
Born: 08-10-2019

Sire: IT*Quadzilla’s Dylan Dog

Dam: S*Silent Hill’s Nymeria

EMS: NFO n 24

Title: -

GSD IV: Homozygous Normal N/N

Fiv/Felv: Negative
HCM: Not tested yet
PKD/CIN: Not tested yet

PK Def.: N/N

Pedigree          Pictures

For several years I was still hoping for a new group 3 kitten. After looking around for some time I became very enthousiastic about dreamcouple Dylan Dog and Nymeria.

No words can describe how I felt after Hanna mailed me that a very nice “n 24” male was born, with the name Hanzo.

And really, he is FANTASTIC, as well his looks and expression as his very nice character and personality!!

Thank you Hanna and Emil from the bottom of my heart for entrusting us this beautiful boy !!!