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We added pictures of Kitty and Sandia on the Females page, and of Romeo on the Kittens page.


We are very happy to tell that on this day our dear female S*Safari Kittens Kitty Pryde gave birth to a nice male kitten. He was the only one, but we are very pleased. Both are doing very well. The name of the boy is NL*Norforcats Romeo Da Vinci, suggested by Ingrid Leiswall, refering to ‘love’ and ‘creativity’.


This weekend we tried are luck again with Sandia at a 2-day show in Ratingen, Germany. And again we were very lucky. On Saterday she got EX1, BIV, and BIS. On Sunday, Alie’s birthday !!, she got EX1, and again BIS. We were very much excited again about these results, meaning she became Junior Winner that Sunday, after 3 times BIS. A wonderful present for Alie’s birthday.


We have been to the Mundikat show in Zutphen with Sandia Bullock de Velian *ES to see what the judges  have to say about Sandia, and it became a big ,big success on her first show. She got EX1, then NOM, then BIS, then BIC, and finally BOB3. We were very surprised and excited about these results.


On this day we got our new female from Spain, from breeder Victor de Velian, with the name Sandia Bullock de Velian *ES

Romeo after 1 week

Romeo’s profile


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Sandia BIS/BIC/BOB3 in Zutphen 18-04-22

Sandia has became Junior Winner on 08-05-22



Kitty with her Romeo