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Pictures of our Mary Rose,

from 6 to 9 Weeks old.

See Kittens page.


Very unexpectedly we also lost our dear Jon Bon. This senior neutered male showed very much trouble with breathing. After bringing him to the vet for research, the outcome was very bad, he had a large amount of grey fluid around his lungs, in a way it could not be cured.

So we decided to put him to sleep and end his life after 15 beautiful years.

We are so sad.    R.I.P. lovely Jon Bon.


Our little sweet Jumping Jack is no more. After some time of serious consideration we made the decision to end the very short life of Jack because he suffered some serious nerve problems along his spine or belly in a way he didn’t have control over his peeing and stool. His belly was blown up most of the time because he could not empty his bladder himself, only when the pressure was to high the pee was released without control and he got wet on his belly. This situation was getting worse, and he could not be cured, so we decided to end his missery before he had to suffer to much or get in pain. R.I.P. sweet sweet Jack.

We miss you forever.

Last picture of Mary Rose & Jumping Jack together

Our lovely Jon Bon - R.I.P.

R.I.P. sweet sweet Jumping Jack

Mary Rose together with mother Cailin


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